parking automation

Do you have money leaks?

Automate your parking.
Increase your income by 40%.
Automate your parking. Increase your income by 40%.
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Automated Parking System

Do you have money leaks but don’t know how to fix them?
Looking to increase your parking revenue?
Do you want to prevent other people from touching your money?
Are you sure that the car that enters is a car that pays?
Do you doubt the income they report to you?
Are the investment costs too high?
Start earning 100% of the real income from your Parking,
Automate it with an armored system, let’s work on results.

Automated Parking Software

Why CDS?

We are experts in increasing Parking revenues.
We guarantee to increase your income with an Automatic Parking Collection System. Or we will return your money.


We Eliminate Leaks

We fight human error



Permanent audit by CDS



We increase income from the first month


5 years warranty

0 EXPENSES in spare parts


immediate technical support

Always close to you. Resolution from 0 to 72 hrs

Parking Equipment

We have helped
delete thousands of
leaks increasing

Stories from our clients automating their parking.

Parking Automation

How do we do it?

In 3 easy steps.

We automate the
key processes.
To combat human error, which generate 40% of the leaks, thus we achieve than “Car that enters, car that pays”.
We shield your
parking lot.
Eliminating current leaks so that “Nobody touch your money”. What has allowed the 97% of our clients increase their income between 30% to 40% from the first month.
Eliminating current leaks so that “Nobody touch your money”. What has allowed the 97% of our clients increase their income between 30% to 40% from the first month.
Full control of the operation
We audit critical processes to “take care of you hands to your operator”.
We audit critical processes to “take care of you hands to your operator”.

Parking system

How the Rent works
Equipment for Parking.


We care that your equipment is always operating
  • Deposit of only a fraction of the total automation.
  • We guarantee a 40% increase in income or you can cancel.
  • ROI 1 month.
  • Immediate support and in Mexico.
  • 5 years Warranty

Parking charging system

Comparison between Rent and Buy

Resource Optimization.
We eliminate leaks
We implement shielding to the most vulnerable points with artificial intelligence. We take care of the operator’s hands.
Operational shielding
We audit the operation and make you earn 100% of what the parking generates.


With us your return on investment is immediate.
We eliminate leaks
Forget about surprises and hidden expenses. From 5 years from today everything is ZERO spending on spare parts.




0% leaks
100% Profitability
1 Month
5 Years




40% leaks
65% profitability
12 months
1 year

Intelligent Parking System

Achieve your goals with a
Smart Parking Automation

CDS parking, a company specialized in increasing parking revenue through automation, we know that you are the type of person who wants nobody to touch their money, and for this you need an Automatic Parking System with armored parking that allows you to eliminate money leaks and control it wherever you are.

We are unique in the market...

We guarantee that your income will increase from the first month, in addition to offering you the best technical support in real time and don’t worry about the investment, let’s work on results so as not to seriously affect your pocket. Contact us so that one of our experts can put together a plan for you, he stops doubting and begins to increase with a parking system.
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Contact us!
To Automate
your Parking

Technology Parking Software

Parking System


How does a parking machine work?

We explain to you that a parking machine makes its operation essential for your parking lot to give you the results you want, such as: complete income, control and more.


What does having an automated parking lot solve?

This article is made so that you can know the benefits of an Automated Parking, the change that it gives to your company and the income that you can obtain.


What is a parking fee system?

The Parking Collection System works thanks to software that allows you to have control of your parking lot, that is, to have a complete record of the money that enters your parking lot and any movement in it.

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Parking equipment

We put the equipment, just rent it, We include: maintenance and spare parts Guadalajara 36-66-82-05

Automatic parking system
Automate, 0% investment, only rent GDL equipment

Parking control
Parking charge system, the best option is the rental of parking machines GDL 36-66-82-05

Variety of acquisition schemes
Sale and rent with option to buy or renew equipment.  

Parking Software

Smart Parking

Parking Automation

Parking Machine