Automated parking systems have gained a lot of strength in recent years, this is because they have solved many problems caused by having a conventional parking lot. If you are one of the people who have a company and also a parking lot that does not generate profits, today we will explain the reasons for this problem, but we will also explain the solutions that an automated parking lot offers you. This article is made so that you can know the benefits of automated parking, the change that it gives your company and the income that you can obtain.


Automated parking and its solutions 

CDS Parking has focused on providing solutions to all its customers, but you may wonder how. Automated parking garages are a new technology, as you can be in control of your parking lot without needing to be controlled by other people. Many times with a conventional parking lot, we tend to lose money, not having a record of the cars that enter, nor of the time that a car spends in a parking lot, and on some occasions, it turns out that the person in charge of keeping that record often lets it pass. uncollected cars, this causes your money to disappear, the income does not match your records, and much more. Due to these headaches that the user has presented, it is when CDS Estacionamientos Automáticos decides to take control and reach the market with various solutions, the main one involves not losing more money, making it easier to use an automated parking lot and helping customers to give your company a better status.

If you have not yet decided to automate your parking, I recommend that you analyze it because many improvements come when you decide to be part of the change and leave those headaches behind.

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Characteristics of an automated parking lot

The most important features that accompany the automation of your parking lot.

Automated parking lots have a main characteristic: 100% armored system. That’s right, an armored system to take care of your money and that your income prevails, this system is in the ATMs, where the ticket is delivered and the charges are made. The system is very accurate, you will not have difficulties to use it and the best thing is that from this you can obtain your reports in a timely manner. It is interesting, since this system is the favorite of many due to its operation and it is obvious why it is the preferred one in CDS Parking, also another main characteristic is that our system can work without an internet connection, that is, it is a plus for a complete service with impressive performance.


All our equipment has a 5-year guarantee and, in addition, the spare parts are within your reach and the technical support is attentive to what you need, in this way immediate solutions are provided because the objective is not to make you wait, it is to take that weight off you.


For what type of companies are automated parking spaces ideal?

Companies that must have an automated parking lot

It is a very simple issue, since our automated parking lots are focused on companies that have a conventional parking lot, be it hospitals, plazas, schools and much more. We are lovers of providing solutions to our future clients and today we want you to be part of the change.

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Automated parking lots have arrived to change the course of your business and improve your income, have total control and notable growth for your company. We want you to know more about us, visit our website for more information.